Nutritional Program


DRBC Diet and Nutritional Approach

Nationally, the average lifespan for the dachshund breed is 12-15 years. Our nutritional program has allowed DRBC to increase that average to 18-20 years. The best news is that this number is trending upwards with many of our doxies having past the age of 20+ yrs.

The difference? Our diet. Aimed at a long life, it represents a proactive approach to sound health by targeting major organ systems including the heart, kidneys and spine. DRBC is pleased to be partnered with the University of Pennsylvania and Purina in our efforts.



These days it is difficult not to think about the level of recalls experienced by many dog food manufacturers. It is a reflection of the lack of quality. DRBC is diligent in our review of foods. We follow this rule: If food is recalled, it is placed on our banned list for a period of five [5] years. If recalled a second time during that five year period, it is banned permanently. It is that simple.

The Diet

Can't wait for the Meet-n-Greet? Not adopting at this time? No problem. Download the diet by clicking the icon below. Remember, we welcome your questions, so please reach out with any concerns.