There are many different reasons families contact DRBC for the surrender of their doxie. We understand. Perhaps your reason is financial, or there has been a change in your family setting. Maybe the death of a loved one has led to the need for relinquishment. No matter, DRBC does not judge.

Please read through ALL of the sections shown below so that we may better assist you in the relinquishment of your dachshund to DRBC.

Some Turn-In Advice

We here at DRBC know how difficult the process of the relinquishment of a pet can be. It is emotional whether you and your family have experienced a life-changing event, or your doxie is just not a good fit for your life. Please be honest with us. We will still help. Most of the animals that come to our rescue lack complete veterinary care. We know that. It is a fact of rescue. It is OK. We will take care of that for the dog. We do not want to do more than what is needed, and quite frankly, can’t afford it. Still, just tell us. We will understand, and we will not judge you.

We will need the veterinary records at the time of relinquishment—not lost or packed or faxed or mailed later. There may not be any. They may be dated. No problem. We understand. DRBC is a team dedicated to helping. Please help us by having the records or being honest concerning the lack of care.

Your doxie may have a bite history. Some do, and it is OK. We can work with that but tell us. Just tell us, what about your doxie’s personality prompted the turn-in. While we are a team, this is not a shelter, and we place doxies in foster care based on age and personality. Some of our foster homes have children. Think about it. Think hard.

DRBC helps those in medical need, but that is hard to do when we are not told about the problem. Is your doxie blind, deaf, or is there some other problem we should know about? It isn’t going to be your problem for much longer, you did too know about it, and it certainly isn’t a problem for us. Please, just be honest and tell us.

Did you know that only about 5% are house-trained at turn-in; were you one of the lucky few? We would like to know that, if we turned this around, wouldn’t you? Behavior training, regardless of how you define it, is critical to developing your doxies’ personality. Knowing how you went about that or knowing that there was no consistency, guidelines, or appropriate correction can make this process easier for everyone concerned. You are not the first, and you won’t be that last case we encounter.

Helping your doxie is what this is about. We’ll get them there. Maybe you are not experiencing any of these issues, and having a doxie in your life is not a good idea. Please do not create non-existent problems. We will figure it out.

Please remember, DRBC is a volunteer group. We are not waiting for you to call us. Whether quickly or over a period of time, the decision you have reached rarely constitutes an immediate response. Please be a little patient. It won’t be much longer.

Finally, we know that this process is frustrating, but we are not the enemy. Please treat us with respect, and we will extend ours to you. Our number one complaint, and that of every rescue group we know, is the lack of honest information at the time of relinquishment. So please, do not be offended by this advice. We are DRBC, and we are here to help you as you help them. Please be honest with us. We WILL help.

Closure for Children

DRBC has found that children [and some adults] are hit hardest by the relinquishment of their pet. We feel and know that pain. We have found that it can be helpful for the children to write a note or draw a picture to send along during the turn-in. We have some other methods to help families adjust to this loss, so please ask our Turn-In Coordinator for ideas that might help when she calls to make the arrangements.

Equal Opportunity Support

DRBC accepts all doxies regardless of sex, spay/neuter status, vaccination history, medical issue, coat, color, age, or behavior issue. All we ask is that you be honest with us in the disclosure of these issues. By the way, we don’t care what you look like or what your background is either.

Out of our Region? Not a dachshund?

Not a problem. PetFinder hosts many breed-specific and all-breed and species rescues. Click the icon below to find the group nearest you.