An Open Letter on Giving

Supporting this rescue or any charity group is a decision that we at DRBC value. We believe DRBC has a special mission helping in the rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, and education for and about dachshunds in the area in which we serve and want you to know that your support is appreciated in any form.

The past few years have been an especially difficult one for the rescue and for many of you, our supporters. Turn-ins are at an all-time high and most of the doxies we see have had little to no medical care. DRBC consistently loses more than $250 per doxie we help and in some cases, this amount is greater. More turn-ins this year have come from families losing their own homes or from those feeling the effects of our shattered economy.

DRBC is pleased and proud to have reached out to the community through Penelope's Foundation which has allowed some animals to stay in a loving and caring home with our assistance. The Homer Foundation has reached out as well, providing medical care to those most desperately in need and sanctuary to those doxies without whom life would have come to an abrupt halt.

It is hard for all those involved with the DRBC initiatives not to get caught up in the emotion of the responsibility we have chosen. It is for this reason that we ask you to consider the steps you take in helping us today. There are many areas that the rescue needs support, but in these hard economic times, please be sure this is an undertaking you assume in a sober manner. Please read our tips on wise and safe giving and contact us if you have any questions concerning the programs available for support.

All of us here at DRBC thank you in advance for the support you are about to pledge. Today you have made a difference!

Cindie Kura
President, DRBC