Foster Care


The Fostering Commitment

Everyone involved in animal rescue is making a commitment to that animal. Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County is committed to the search for an appropriate, suitable, loving, and permanent home for each dog. We are committed to their health and well-being.

Our fosters make a huge commitment as well. We also ask that our adopters commit to the dog they adopt for life. It is often a, seemingly, thankless task.

We are all volunteers who frequently have trouble comprehending why humans behave the way they do sometimes, especially when it comes to the way they treat or regard animals. It can be frustrating, time-consuming, exasperating, enraging, exhausting, and all-consuming. Many times the only thanks lay in our successes.

For every dog that would have otherwise met with an unthinkable fate, we have our entire volunteer staff to thank for the successful outcome.


We regard you, our foster families, very seriously and with much gratitude. We respect and appreciate your commitment. Fostering is not a decision to be made lightly. Fostering is not a means by which one gets to try out various dogs in search of the right companion dog for one's self. That said special consideration is always given to foster requested adoptions.

Remember, aside from our sincere gratitude, each fostered dogs’ love and trust, and ultimately, placement in their forever home, it may be the only thanks you know.