Relinquishment Process


There are many different reasons that families contact DRBC for the surrender of their doxie. We understand. Perhaps your reason is financial or there has been a change in your family setting, perhaps the death of a loved one has led to the need for relinquishment. No matter, DRBC does not judge.

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Please read through ALL of the sections shown below so that we may better assist you in the relinquishment of your dachshund to DRBC.

The Process

Turning in a doxie is unique for every family, but begins in contacting us using the link listed above.

Following contact, our Turn-In Coordinator or Medical Director will contact you to begin the turn-in process. Besides the medical records, we ask that you bring a sample of the dog's food, a favorite blanket, and toy. Don't have these things, don't worry. We are just trying to make the transition easier for your doxie in their entry to foster care.

A time and date will be arranged based on mutual availability. Upon the relinquishment of your doxie, you will be asked to sign a form signing over your rights of ownership to DRBC. The form can be downloaded now by clicking the link above or filed electronically.

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask us when we get in touch. Following your turn in your doxie will be examined by our veterinarian. All vaccinations will be brought current, the dog will be spayed/neutered, as appropriate and any medical issues will be addressed. Don't worry, they only receive the best of care.

Following the release by the veterinarian, your doxie will come into our foster system. The home assigned depends on age, medical need, and space. All are treated as members of the family.

Closure for Children

DRBC has found that children [and some adults] are hit hardest by the relinquishment of their pet. We feel and know that pain. We have found that it can be helpful for the children to write a note or draw a picture to send along during the turn in. We have some other methods to help families adjust to this loss, so please ask our Turn-In Coordinator for ideas that might help when she calls to make the arrangements.


DRBC is staffed by volunteers. We work as quickly as we can to help you. We need you to work with us to prevent lags in the process. Accurate phone numbers, responses to our messages, and a little flexibility will make this process easier. Remember, we all have the same goal in mind, the long-term happiness, and well-being of your doxie.