Animal Bill of Rights

All animals in our care are members of the DRBC family. Each animal that enters the protection of DRBC will be treated with dignity and respect from loving, responsible, well-trained caregivers, during every moment it remains under our guardianship. DRBC will remain as a lifeline for all dogs adopted by us, no matter the circumstance, forever.

The animals at DRBC may have been abandoned, but they will not be abandoned by us. They have been displaced from their environment and their homes. Our commitment to them is to provide them with safety, comfort, and the best possible stay within our walls. Additionally, DRBC pledges to use all available means to provide each dog the best in medical rehabilitation and to find each animal a responsible, devoted, and permanent home.


The following animal care standards identifying our responsibility include, but are not limited to:

  • Care and housing
  • Fresh clean water will be available at all times
  • The appropriate quantity of palatable quality food will be provided for each animal
  • Appropriate heating and cooling will be utilized
  • A sanitary environment will be maintained to ensure disease control
  • Safe housing will be maintained through proper kennel maintenance
  • Prompt recognition of injuries and health conditions shall ensure proper medical intervention and care
  • Proven stress reduction measures will be employed, such as home fostering, appropriate handling techniques, compatible housemates, exercise, cushioned place to lie, and toys


Every effort will be made to place each animal into a suitable, permanent home.

We will utilize all methods available to find second-chance options for our dogs, including, but not limited to:

  • Foster care
  • Socialization and training
  • Behavior modification training when possible
  • Sanctuary for those animals who would not otherwise be adoptable

We will also make every possible effort to ensure that each adopter will be educated on how to provide the best possible physical and emotional care for their new pet. We will remain an advocate for our charges and not a sales group for surplus dogs.


Handling of all animals will be gentle, safe, secure, and in accordance with DRBC policies and procedures. There will be kindness and love.

Lost/Found Animals

Every possible effort will be made to reunite lost animals with their guardians.
All animals will be scanned upon entry to the DRBC system to determine the presence of a microchip.


Cruelty and Neglect

Although some of the animals received by DRBC are victims of cruelty or neglect, their suffering and pain will end here, either through the employment of rapid medical care, rehabilitation, or, if required, through humane euthanasia.

Each of our rescues has the right to:

  • Have their abusive or neglectful situation promptly addressed, recorded, and reported to the proper law enforcement authority in accordance with law.
  • Be provided with any specialty care or rehabilitation as is required to help the animal recover from the effects of abuse and neglect.
  • Have the opportunity, when so designated by a court of law or investigative authority, to be placed in a new, loving, violence-free home.
  • Expect that each of their human caretakers and DRBC itself will uphold standards that meet or exceed what is required by law for the care of animals.


  • Ongoing medical analysis and treatment will be administered as needed.
  • Sick and injured animals will receive veterinary care as soon as possible, either in-house or at an emergency clinic.


Every animal has the right to live and the right to die with dignity.

Should euthanasia prove to be the only solution available for any animal, that animal will receive the undivided attention of its caretaker during the procedure? The animal will be held with the utmost compassion and the least amount of restraint required.

Only highly trained and certified veterinary staff will be allowed to perform euthanasia.