Choosing a Doxie

Choosing A Dachshund

Take the time now to ask yourself these questions and to make an educated decision. You and your dog will be happier for it. That cuddly bundle of joy is a huge responsibility. Are you ready?

A Dachshund may not be the right choice for you if:
[Courtesy of Canadian Dachshund Rescue]


You are at work for 10 hours each day

Dachshunds have strong pack instincts and like to be with their pack. They do not like to be left alone. If you plan to have a pet and are away all day, please consider a dog sitter. Neighborhood kids are often very willing to walk your dog after school for a couple of dollars. Dogs live for your companionship. Rescue dogs have often been abandoned and need a lot of attention and love. Dachshunds do well in pairs.

You have young children

All children should be supervised with any dog at all times. A dachshund can make a great companion for a child if the dog is properly trained and if the child is taught how to behave around a dog. Dachshunds will not stand for being teased and may snap if provoked. Dachshunds are very territorial and take time to warm up to and trust visitors - like your child's friends. Kids and dachshunds can be great companions, but both the child and the dachshund must be trained to respect each other. Also, dachshund backs are fragile, and children should not be allowed to roughhouse with a dachshund. If you have a toddler who may try to use the dog to pull himself up or might accidentally fall on the dog, a miniature dachshund is not the breed for you.

You are proud of your white carpets

Dachshunds are not the most reliable dogs. Why should they freeze their tail off peeing outside in the snow when there's a nice warm rug in that fancy room that you never use? Some dachshunds are easily house-trained, and some rescued dachshunds will already be trained, but be aware that few dachshunds are 100% reliable when it comes to accidents in the house.

You have cats, birds, or rodents

Dachshunds are bred to hunt. Many of them have a very strong prey drive, and their hunting instinct is stronger than their desire to obey you. Some dachshunds get along with cats and other animals from the start, and some can learn to accept other animals into their pack. If you get a puppy, you can socialize him with your other animals from day one, and you're likely to get pets that are best friends. If you rescue an adult dog, you are taking a risk. Some of the dogs in the rescue were brought up with other animals, but often we don't know how the dogs were brought up. It is your responsibility to make sure that all of the pets in your care are kept out of harm.

You can't afford pet insurance

It costs a lot of money to own a dog, but there is an extra likelihood of a large vet bill with dachshunds. Dachshund backs are not designed for life in a world of couches, stairs, and human beds. There is a good chance that your dog will require vet care due to a back injury sometime in his life. If worst comes to worst, your dachshund may need surgery that can cost upwards of $5000. Dachshunds also live a long time and are prone to the diseases that plague older pets like Cushing's and liver diseases.

You are a pushover

Give a dachshund an inch, and he will take over your house. Dachshunds are smart and crafty, and they have a look that will melt your heart. If they don't feel like you are in charge, they will gladly take charge of you. Discipline is essential, but you should never ever hit a dog. Dogs understand that you are in charge when you reward their good behavior, and they see that all good things, like food and attention, come from you. Bad behavior can be discouraged by ignoring it or with gentle correction such as a squirt from a water gun to stop excessive barking or marking.


You want a quiet dog

Dachshunds are hounds and have a hound-sized bark. People will comment that they can't believe such a loud bark can come from such a small dog. I've heard that they were bred to be loud barkers so that their owners could find them in badger burrows and pull them out. Dachshunds are territorial and will let anyone walking by know that they are passing a dachshund's home.