Veterinary Care

The DRBC Medical Difference

The practitioners supporting DRBC are the foundation of our team-based approach to the lifetime of compassionate care awaiting your future companions. Over the past 25+ years, these specialists have helped DRBC to become THE Dachshund Medical Rescue Group.

Medical Services include:

  • Spay or Neuter Procedures
  • Complete blood analysis including a pre-screen for epilepsy, diabetes, and heartworm
  • Comprehensive dental workup with cleaning and restorative work as appropriate
  • All vaccines as required by both PA and NJ law including:
    • Rabies [3yr Adult, 1yr Puppy],
    • DHLPP/DAP2i [Distemper / Hepatitis Leptospirosis / Parvo / Parainfluenza],
    • Bordatella [Kennel Cough]
    • Corona [Ages 3Yrs and Under]
  • Physical Exam by Veterinarians specializing in the dachshund breed.
  • Consults with Nutritional, Internists, Ophthalmic, Neurological, Orthopedic, and Oncological Physicians and Surgeons, as needed.

On-Going Medical Services for Senior Doxies include:

  • Senior Wellness Visits
  • Other medical services, as needed