Foster Guidelines

Foster Program Guidelines

Foster care at DRBC can be rewarding and is incredibly benevolent. Please review the following guidelines carefully in addition to the Foster Agreement you will be asked to sign. Fostering parents and families form the backbone of the work we do.

We cannot exist as a rescue if people are not willing to bring needy animals into their homes while we search and screen for permanent homes for them.

Fosters have our undying gratitude and deepest respect and admiration. There are never enough foster homes to go around, and each is precious to DRBC and the animals we are trying to save.


Take the DRBC Foster Care Pledge

“This dog could have been mine. I understand that through no fault of their own, some dogs enter into families that can’t care for them now or in their past.

This dog looks to good people to keep them, their littermates, their breed, and their species well cared for and safe.

Dogs in foster care deserve to live in a stable and caring home with support from people that can love them and help them become the very best dog they can be. They should not have to experience multiple homes while in foster care.

They will be treated no differently than the dogs that already live with them in their foster environment.

They should receive the best in diet and medical care, the most supportive and kind training, and receive protection from harm and neglect.

Most of all, they should have the right to just be a dog. I pledge to do whatever I can, in my own way, to fight for their rights while they are in my charge.”

I am making a difference. I am a DRBC Foster Care Home.

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