The Pet Store Reality


Every five minutes, an average of 3.5 dogs are born while simultaneously another 3.5 are euthanized. Many of these animals were purchased in pet stores and later discarded as they lost their ‘cuteness,’ others were never purchased and were put down as they were considered surplus, some perished within the confines of brokers and puppy mills. The conditions these animals face is cruel, inhumane, and completely unnecessary. Please join DRBC in our fight against this travesty.

Each year, DRBC participates in the rescue and rehabilitation of the breed we hold so dear. Please, help us help them. Adopt don’t buy. You will be so glad you did… and so will they.

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The thought of obtaining a dog at a puppy mill is far from the thoughts of any dog buyer, yet a purchase from a pet store is just that. These stores, the brokers from whom they purchase, and the mills that produce these animals have led to an overpopulation of unwanted animals.

When asked: why did you buy your puppy at a pet store, do you not realize that supports the puppy mill industry, many people claim they were unaware. Let us stop that comment with some vivid facts.

Editor’s note: Sadly, in searching for appropriate content for this website over 500 videos were discovered on YouTube concerning the operation of mills. We live in a time of electronic socialization. It is hard to believe that people are unaware.

The video of a little dachshund named Mariah Hope comes to us from the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Rescue. Like DRBC, this group works to intervene and save the dogs trapped in mills. Mariah’s full story can be found on the Doxie Tales page of this site.

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Little Tag 19 – The Mariah Hope Story

There are two videos below from this very special rescue group. We here at DRBC know how they feel, we have been here too.

Please watch ‘Lily’s Story.’ It will explain it all.

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Did you know that Pennsylvania is the number one ranked state for puppy mills? How embarrassing and appalling. Recent legislation has begun to address this problem right here in our region. It helps, but we are still on the front lines saving these poor little ones.

You can help through the DRBC “Sponsor a Mill Dog” for a contribution of $75. We will send you a picture of the animal who received your gift, as well as his or her rescue story and current adoption status.

Your contribution can be given in your name, in memory of a loved one, or as a gift. Just let us know.

Click on the DONATE NOW icon below and select Fight Mills to help DRBC rescue these animals.

Thank you for helping us to help them.