The GrandPaws Adoption Policy

Helping a senior doxie is a special event. These little ones are the hidden gold of rescue and are very cherished by the organization, but we realize that being in a home where they can receive love and attention is key to their longevity. Many of the requirements for adoption are the same as those for adopting a younger pup so please read through the sections outlined to learn more.

What DRBC Does for Our Doxies:

  • Outstanding medical care; no problem is left untreated before placement
  • Behavior Assessment Program
  • On-going Nutrition Program aimed at long life
  • Lifetime Specialized Medical Support

What DRBC Asks of You:

  • Be Over Age 21
  • Understand that this is a match of the heart, yours and the doxies, and not just the placement of some dog; i.e. personality matters more than looks or age
  • Think about your life and lifestyle and make sure this is the right idea; can you afford this, do you have the time, doxies live for almost 20 years!

Still excited? OK, get out that pen and contact DRBC for the application or fill out our Online Application. That’s how it all begins!

GrandPaws Dogs

GrandPaws doxies are extra special and we generally do not list them on PetFinder, but they are here looking and hoping from being the scenes. Please call us if this program is of interest to you. Remember, age knows no bounds and hope springs eternal! Confirm that to these little ones by inquiring today. Here’s how:

Email DRBC
Write DRBC