Adoption Fees & Costs

There is no fee for participation in the GrandPaws Program. The organization assumes all costs for ongoing veterinary care, food, supplement, heartworm, and flea/tick products for the lifetime of the GrandPaws placement. This program has allowed many doxies to receive the individual love and attention they crave. It is a win-win situation for the doxie and their new parent[s].

Explaining DRBC Adoption Fees

DRBC recognizes its commitment to the breed regardless of age, coat, sex, or color. Our senior doxies are very special but are also difficult placements for the organization. There is no fee for GrandPaws placements. This policy has allowed many senior doxies to be paired with senior citizens and those living on a fixed income.

Why Do We Do All This?

There are several reasons:

  • At DRBC, we do what we do for the love of our breed, the dachshund.
  • DRBC believes that it is inhumane to place sick or injured animals. How could treatment ever be denied?
  • A sick or injured animal will generally not show its true personality. Who are you adopting, the quiet dog that sits by your side or an animal with behavior issues masked by pain or illness?
  • Need more reasons? Ask us.