Homer’s Fund

The DRBC Foundation Groups

The DRBC Foundation is proud to support the efforts made on behalf of the Homer and Penelope Funds. This is truly a special arm of our rescue reaching out to help dachshunds in homes where a small form of assistance can make all the difference, where education about our breed and its sometimes unique needs is paramount, and where the support of ongoing research will help to improve the quality and quantity of years these beloved creatures spend with us.

Homer’s Fund

Initially established to assist dachshund owners that could not afford the high cost of spinal surgery, Homey expanded his efforts over the years to include kidney and orthopedics and expanded his canine breed support to include cats! Go Homey!

Homey asks us to always remember the importance of pet insurance and to exhaust all CareCredit efforts before we turn to him for a loan or outright support, but this foundation honors the best in the pet-family bond by stepping in when others may not.

Homer’s Fund supports major medical issues and past projects for the fund have included:

  • Lifesaving disk surgery
  • Cancer treatment or an
  • Ongoing support of a doxie in renal failure

These are but a few of the major tasks undertaken by The Homer Foundation. Since its inception in 1997, the Homer Fund has intervened with over $150 thousand dollars of veterinary support.