Less Frightened Than Before

You found us... we are June Bug and Maggie Mae, and we got dumped at a shelter cause we got old, and no one wanted us anymore. No one really knows how old we are and Maggie Mae has some medical problems, but we have lots of love for sure. All we know is that one day our family drove us to 'the pound.' It was very scary. There were many big and loud dogs, and even with us being able to stay together, it was very scary. Fortunately, the gang at DACHSHUND RESCUE OF BUCKS COUNTY & NJ found us. They took us to a place where there were other doxies... my people. What a relief!


We went to see the veterinarian; Maggie Mae was really in a bad way. Everyone was really nice to us, but it was just so scary that I couldn't stay. Poor Maggie Mae had to have injections and a thing called an IV and medications to go home too. She is still having problems, but the rescue says they won't give up. Phew. I love my sister and am glad she is gonna get some help.

Soon we will be heading to our forever GrandPaws home. They tell us there will always be someone to cuddle with us and love on us. Still, we are kind of frightened after all we have been through. It is hard to figure out who to trust. My foster Mom told me that I don't need to worry because I can stay here at the sanctuary and sleep in the bed. I hope she wasn't kidding about getting to stay. I don't know what I would do without my little gang and without Maggie Mae.

Now for the tough part. It is so hard to ask but would you, could you, be a best friend to me, June Bug and my sister Maggie Mae? I can't believe I even said it. I am a low-needs friend as hopefully, you will see. I run under the covers every morning after breakfast and try not to get in the way of anybody, 'cause I am scared... but that is getting better. I get lots of love and support at DACHSHUND RESCUE OF BUCKS COUNTY & NJ and even though I am older, I think we are still cute. I hope you will think about it and will join Best Friends. Maggie Mae and I will be waiting!



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