Adoption Fees & Costs

DRBC Adoption Fees and Costs

DRBC lists potential dogs for placement on PetFinder and Adopt-A-Pet. Please keep in mind that not all of our dogs are posted. Due to our close proximity to Trenton, Camden, and Philadelphia, DRBC purposely does not list all of our pupper as this will bring out those seeking small animals for use as bait in fighting. It is sad but true.

We will help you find that perfect doxie to match you and your lifestyle. Remember, this is a match of the heart based on both your personality and the doxies. Typically, we find that the doxie picks you at our meet-and-greet sessions and not the reverse. This is why we discourage applicants armed with a laundry list of features including sex, color, age, etc... this is a companion, not a new car!

Our Refund Policy

Limited Refund Guideline Policy

The full adoption fee may be refunded if the animal is returned within 72 hours because the animal was not compatible with the family or the family's pet. DRBC will not refund any open or used supplies.

An animal may be returned for a full refund within 21 days of adoption due to medical reasons only if accompanied by a veterinarian's statement and approved by DRBC management.

No refunds will be given if an animal runs away or is stolen. Request for refunds outside of these guidelines requires approval.

DRBC WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MEDICAL BILLS related to the animal that is adopted or reclaimed.