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Questions for the Veterinary Neurosurgeon or Orthopedist

Not every dachshund with a back or neck issue needs a neurosurgeon, but more often than not, this becomes the path for many doxies exhibiting the symptoms of disc disease. Your journey to this specialist may begin with your general care veterinarian or may result from a trip to the veterinary emergency room. Either way, ask questions and stay involved in your doxies' medical care.

Questions About the Surgeon

Having confidence in the surgeon that performs any procedure is more than liking their personality; it is feeling confident that they are qualified and competent. Do not feel embarrassed; a good surgeon will want to share information on their facility, background, experience, and skills. Answers to your questions can help you make informed decisions about treatment.

Here are some of the questions DRBC asks when working with a new surgeon:

  • Are you a veterinary surgeon with board certification? [A must]
  • Are you the surgeon that is performing my doxies procedure? [If no, you need to speak with that surgeon]
  • What training do you have past the residency level?
  • Do you treat disc issues at least 50% of your time?
  • How many surgeries like this do you perform each week?
    [This should be a number, not an answer of 'lots' or 'all the time']
  • What is your success rate with this specific procedure?
    [This number should be relatively high, >85%]
  • Are you open to a second opinion? [If time allows]
  • How many years have you been performing this surgery?

Note: The information offered herein is for informational and educational and informational purposes only. Seek the timely care of a licensed veterinarian or veterinary surgeon if you believe your dog is exhibiting any of the signs or symptoms of IVDD. This website does not seek to diagnose or treat IVDD.