IVDD Post Treatment


IVDD Post-Injury/Treatment Plans

The treatment path followed post [after] injury is critical for the maximum return of functionality for dogs with IVDD. A well thought out schedule and attention to the needs of the recovering doxie are the minimal requirements for support. It is important to remember that although full recovery may not come for weeks or even months, the steps taken during those first days of the recovery process may make all the difference to you and your doxie.

Many are the options available to the IVDD doxie and their owner. Frequently, DRBC is faced with the treatment of IVDD and based on the recommendations from our support team, one of three paths will be taken. Occasionally, the course of treatment combines traditional and alternative medicines. Please access the three sections below to learn how DRBC approaches these paths. While the choice of treatment was different, our goals for outcome were the same: maximum recovery of function and quality of life.

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