Our Policies


There are many different reasons that families contact DRBC for the surrender of their doxie. We understand. Perhaps your reason is financial or there has been a change in your family setting, perhaps the death of a loved one has led to the need for relinquishment. No matter, DRBC does not judge.

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Please read through ALL of the sections shown below so that we may better assist you in the relinquishment of your dachshund to DRBC.

Equal Opportunity Support

DRBC accepts all doxies regardless of sex, spay/neuter status, vaccination history, medical issue, coat, color, age, or behavior issue. All we ask is that you be honest with us in the disclosure of these issues. By the way, we don't care what you look like or what your background is either.

Our Policy: Semi-Open Adoptions

Many families worry about the fate of their doxie following relinquishment. Contact us. We cannot reveal the location of your doxie, but are more than happy to share placement status, medical info, and obtain pictures and updates when you need them. We know how difficult closure can be in these situations.


DRBC is proud to work with many of the area shelters to save the lives of these precious dogs. Because of their poor reaction when placed in shelters and because of the risk of euthanasia, DRBC gives priority to shelter animals. Please do not think that this means that the turn-in of your doxie will lead to placement with any rescue group; it may not. This information is provided to you to help you understand why we ask for your honesty and flexibility on the relinquishment of your dog to us.

Out of our Region? Not a dachshund?

Not a problem. PetFinder hosts many breed-specific and all-breed and species rescues. Click the icon below to find the group nearest you.

Note: A new window will open when accessing the PetFinder website.