Live Release Percentage

DRBC and Shelter Animals Count

Shelter Animals Count is a new, collaborative initiative formed by a diverse group of stakeholders to create and share a national database of sheltered animal statistics, providing facts, and enabling insights that will save lives. Why DRBC is involved and what our numbers look like can all be found here!

DRBC collects information from January through December using a Basic Data Matrix. The data presented in the dashboards within this section is reported to Shelter Animals Count as DRBC opts into transparency for providing their data to the public. This data shown was collected for the current calendar year and is updated on a monthly basis.


Measure Our Success

Live Release Percentage [%]


The live release rate is a very telling metric in measuring a shelter’s progress towards improving dispositions for the animals in its care. Literally translated, a live release is any animal that leaves the rescue alive. Options for live release include:

  1. Adoptions
  2. Return to Owner [RTO]
  3. Transfers
  4. Sanctuary Care

Simply calculated, the Live Release Percentage [LRP] is the sum of all the live outcomes for a period of time divided by the total intake numbers for that same period of time.

Equation 1: DRBC Live Release Percentage [%]


DRBC Life Release Percentage [%]

Live Release Percentage [%]65.292.3103.086.9

Calculation of Average Live Release Percentage

Note 1: The Working Average is based on the actual values calculated. Data not yet collected is not included as it would falsely affect the Live Release Percentage [LRP]. The equation below is used to calculate the working average [Equation 2]. This data will be updated following the end of each month.


Equation 2: Calculation of DRBC Average Live Release Percentage