Little Tag 19

Little Tag 19


DRBC did not save this poor little creature, but we are so glad that she was saved. Maria Hope, Little Tag 19, is an incredible example of our breed's forgiving and resilient nature. She will forever stand as a reminder to society that all mills and commercialized breeding operations must be closed. God Speed, Maria Hope!

A little about Little Tag 19

Sadly, Mariah left this earthly world at the young age of 21 in May 2007. Along with her paw prints on our hearts, she left a legacy—Her Legacy. This miniature dachshund had been through so much before rescue. Her head had been permanently marked with a branding iron, her little ears had notches in them from metal livestock tags, and her legs were forever crippled from living on a wire in the mills for so many years.

Mariah never knew that she wasn't a dachshund show dog. She took pain pills when her legs were so bad that she couldn't walk. She had no idea her head was any different with the brand. Her notched ears were perfectly normal, as far as she was concerned. To herself and us, she was the perfect dachshund. JB's Legacy is owned by many puppy mill-rescued dachshunds. They moved in when the grown kids moved out, and they are our "kids" now. Mariah was so special and was the queen of the house. She had a "dachshund strut" that said so.

The story of Tag 19 is not meant to upset or to point fingers at anyone in particular. It was written from Mariah's eyes to make the unknowing public aware of the life and, sometimes, possible rescue of the puppy mill dogs. Thousands are never rescued and spend their entire lives as breeders.

Mariah asked that you USE what you might learn from her story to enlighten others about puppy mills. Pass the booklet around, get your local veterinarian to order some copies. Tell the rescues, humane societies, schools, groomers, pet boutiques, daycare centers, and anyone else about this publication. Help Mariah's Legacy live on by spreading the word. Help us give the puppy mill dogs their freedom! They so deserve to be in a home as someone's "pet" and not in a mill used as someone's "production line."

Beth Casselman
JB's Legacy

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