The New Guy

Hi there, my name is Homer. I am starting to look good in my picture, but I gotta tell ya, it has been a bumpy road. My Dad died. I had to go to a scary place called a shelter. Plus, I weighed 43 pounds, yep, pounds. As dad was dying he stopped eating, and he couldn't let the food go to waste, so he gave it to me. I loved him; I had to help him out. Anyway, I sure didn't see that shelter thing coming.


I got lucky though ‘cause my friends at DACHSHUND RESCUE OF BUCKS COUNTY & NJ sprung me from the loud and noisy place. When they saw how much I weighed all they said was 'Oh my.' Sadly, my days of sandwiches and frozen dinners ended. I doubt any pizza is in my future either.

Then the seizures started. I wanted to tell them when I got to my foster home, but that is not really the best way to make a first impression, you know? I am a little depressed, OK, a lot depressed. You would be too. I am old, fat, and have seizures. Who would want me?

Amazingly, I am losing weight, and my foster family loves me through the tough times. I even got a brother to hang with in the sunbeams and share my blankets! I heard my people talking, and they said I am the newest sanctuary doxie. I will have to think about what that means as I lay in the sun... naw, better to nap!

I am glad you are reading my story and hope you will support us sanctuary doxies. You can follow me here for updates on my progress. Gotta tell you... things are looking up!



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Homer's Journal