Adopt a Dachshund in Lebanon, NJ and Bucks County

If you love dachshunds as much as we do, you’ll understand why our organization goes to such great lengths to rescue, care for, and find loving homes for this beautiful, loyal, and intelligent breed of dog.
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Many of the dachshunds that come to us have been abused and neglected, abandoned by their owners, or must be given up because their owners are no longer able to care for them, due to disability or other hardships.

Often they are in need of medical attention because of injuries, diseases, or disorders incurred because of lack of proper care. Some require extensive behavioral therapy because of the abuse and suffering they’ve endured.

At the Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County & NJ, we are dedicated to getting these dogs the care they deserve, and finding them new homes with people who will love and cherish these special animals through our highly praised adopt a dachshund program.

The Dachshund Adoption Process

Because of our deep commitment to finding the perfect homes for our dachshund rescues, we have created a rigorous adopt a dog process that prepares both the doxies and the new owners for their close relationship. The dogs are first paired with qualified foster homes to temporarily care for them while undergoing behavioral evaluation and training to reinforce good habits and correct undesirable ones.

We also offer client-focused training to help new dachshund owners to understand the special needs of this breed and the fundamentals of responsible pet ownership. The training will cover topics such as diet and nutrition, grooming, house training, vaccinations, dental care, and the importance of regular veterinary examinations.

We strive to identify the unique characteristics of each of our dogs to enable us to match their individual personalities with the home environments and people they will interact well with. We believe this is the best way to ensure that the dogs and their owners are happy and comfortable with each other and form a lasting relationship that is rewarding and beneficial for both.

Veterinary Care

Our adopt a dog program includes complete veterinary care for our dachshunds going to new homes to give them the best start possible on their new lives. We have many veterinarians who graciously work with our organization to provide the following procedures for our rescues:

  • Spay or Neuter Procedures
  • Complete blood analysis including a pre-screen for epilepsy, diabetes, and heartworm
  • Comprehensive dental workup with cleaning and restorative work as appropriate

All vaccines as required by both PA and NJ law including:

  • Rabies [3Yr Adult, 1Yr Puppy]
  • DHLPP/DAP2i [Distemper/ Hepatitis Leptospirosis / Parvo /Parainfluenza]
  • Corona [Ages 3 Yrs and Under]
  • Physical Exam by Veterinarians specializing in the dachshund breed.
  • Consults with Nutritional, Internists, Ophthalmic, Neurological, Orthopedic, and Oncological Physicians and Surgeons, as needed.

The GrandPaws Program

One of our special missions at the Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County & NJ is to find appropriate homes for senior dogs. These dogs have special needs and they require special owners who are prepared to accept the increased responsibilities that come with caring for older doxies. DRBC will share ownership with caretakers taking responsibility for all veterinary care and special dietary requirements.

The Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County & NJ is looking for caring doxie lovers like you. Contact us today for more information on our adopt a dachshund program.