Just In Time

Recently, DRBC was contacted concerning a tragic situation with an older doxie and an owner that had faced cancer and the loss of her home. This doxie was Hansel.

Arrangements were made, and Hansel's transport began. It did not take long to realize that this little guy was in a world of trouble. His mouth was dripping and oozing green pus. He was rushed to an emergency hospital where IV antibiotics and pain medications were started. Hansel stayed three days before being transferred to a surgeon that could undertake his oral surgery. All of his teeth and part of his gum line were removed due to advanced disease.


It is hoped that with aggressive antibiotic therapy he will not lose his lower jaw where the disease has spread into the bone. The story is a sad one, but DRBC was glad to help. Hansel is lovin' the protected life he now has. He is gaining weight and improving every day.

Please welcome Hansel to the Best Friend Program!



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Hansel's Journal