Financial Assistance


Financial Assistance Programs

Veterinary surgery and support carry appropriate short and long-term expenses. Many families are not prepared for the estimates that face a dog with IVDD. Recent economic conditions have led many doxie owners to seek alternate means of support.

There is a tremendous list of financial organizations to help finance the cost of IVDD. This list can be accessed via download. Just click on the 'I Need Financial Aid' icon to the left or by accessing the document at the DRBC Download Center.

Don't give up. Money is only a tool; it is the means to an end, not the end itself. Veterinarians and the veterinary community are, for the most part, very compassionate; they want a positive outcome as well. Be the best advocate you can be for the outcome you want to achieve. Don't stop asking, 'How can you help me?' until you have the help you need. Also, be sure to ask, 'If not you, then who?'; that is a tough question to walk away from when a life is at stake. And finally, don't give up!

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