Spay-Neuter Facts



If we had one wish here at DRBC, it would be that there would never be a need for any of us to step up and rescue another animal. We recognize that this is not possible, but know that our role in animal rescue could be reduced through responsible breeding and the spay and neuter of all non-breeding animals.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has established standards that dictate the appropriate color, weight/size, and conformation of all breeds. These standards have been established for the overall health and longevity of the breed, but are ignored all too often. When we look at the average dachshund rescued by DRBC is it clear that these standards are vastly ignored. There is no such thing as a 'small standard' or 'large mini' and there is no standard for the 'tweenie.'

Spay-Neuter Facts and Fiction

Generally, statements that begin with 'I thought...' or 'I heard...' are falsehoods.

Fiction Fact
Personality (Female)Having a litter will help her grow up.Raising a litter of puppies will not change her personality. She may not even be a good mother, or she may need emergency medical attention, such as a Caesarian section. In fact, spayed dogs usually make better pets.
TemperamentIt will change their temperament.Neutering the male dog at an early age will help him be less aggressive regarding his "territory." He will also not be tempted to follow the scent of any female in heat in your neighborhood. Early neutering will also help in house-breaking and training by decreasing the incidence of urine marking for territorial reasons. An added benefit is a decrease in the chance of prostate cancer. It will not turn your dog into a "wimp," and he'll never know what's missing!
Weight GainIt will make my dog lazy and fat.Overeating and lack of exercise make a dog fat, not missing hormones.

Note: Talk to your veterinarian about the benefits of spaying and neutering as part of an overall wellness plan for your four-legged loved one. You will be glad you did.