Adoption Fees & Costs

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DRBC Adoption Fees & Costs

DRBC lists potential dogs for placement on PetFinder. Look below to see some of our current residents. Please keep in mind that not all of our dogs are posted. Remember, this is a match of the heart based on both your personality and the doxies. Typically, we find that the doxie picks you at our meet-and-greet sessions and not the reverse. This is why we discourage applicants armed with a laundry list of features including sex, color, age, etc... This is a companion not a new car!

The DRBC Cost Comparison

One of the questions potential dog owners need to ask is 'how much does it cost to get a new dog'? Here at DRBC, we maximize our support of the dogs we place by obtaining medications such as heartworm & flea and tick medication during the veterinary exam. We pass our savings on to new adopters and we help with low-cost options on food and supplements too.

Please keep in mind that we put a lot into the doxies we save and we want them to have only the best when they leave us. Additionally, when you join the DRBC Family we want you to get the same advantages we enjoy. We did a local cost comparison for adoption fees and support package items and want to share our findings with you. We hope this helps you understand our final fee. Questions? We are here, just reach out.

Comparison Information

Want a more in-depth look at our fees? Just click one of the icons below to learn more.

DRBC conducted a survey of shelters, veterinarians, and pets stores in our region. The individual costs were averaged per category and are listed below. Our program is overseen by a veterinarian that recommends the food and supplements we use to ensure good health and long life. It has been our finding that most veterinarians familiar with the dachshund breed agree that our approach is one they would and do recommend as well.