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Each year, DACHSHUND RESCUE OF BUCKS COUNTY & NJ (DRBC) participates in the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of approximately 500 dachshunds and the number continues to increase annually. Of this number, approximately 8-10% are senior citizens (greater than 11 years) or special needs (paraplegics, chronic kidney failure doxies, the blind, etc.).

DRBC sees the elderly, the injured and ill, the neglected, and the outright abused. Our group tries to give these unfortunate souls an extra special chance to find an extraordinary home that, understanding their plight, will somehow try to make it up to them by offering a new and especially loving life. This is why we need to build Cora's House.

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Building Fund

DRBC currently operates through the kindness of those in the DRBC Foster System. Cora's House exists in the practices that guide our senior home, but for every dachshund there, 4-6 more wait to take their place.

2011 began our pledge to build Cora's House. This will be a home where there will always be space and where older dogs can come to enjoy the remainder of their lives.


Your pledge today can make a difference. It does not take much. Check below to see how much of a difference your five-year pledge can make to the construction of this facility.

Make a difference for our elderly dogs today. You and they will be so glad you did.

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