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IVDD Cautionary Statements

IVDD is one of the worst injuries your doxie can face. It is much like walking through a minefield. There are so many opinions and so much confusing information concerning treatment and care available via the Internet.

DRBC receives calls and emails daily asking how we approach the care of our doxies. The menu below will give you a good idea of how we work to address the needs of our little ones.

IVDD is a scary disease for pet owners. Here are some DRBC do's and don'ts. Remember, DRBC faces these same issues with each doxie in our group that is affected by this illness.


DRBC Champions

The only voice the IVDD dachshund has is yours. It needs to be one that advocates for them always. Be strong, demand proper care, and do not give up hope. Your doxie would never give up on you; return the favor.

Need help? DRBC is a phone call away. Let us know if we can help. In the meantime...

Note: The information offered herein is for informational and educational and informational purposes only. Seek the timely care of a licensed veterinarian or veterinary surgeon if you believe your dog is exhibiting any of the signs or symptoms of IVDD. This website does not seek to diagnose or treat IVDD.