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Veterinary Partners

DRBC Veterinary Partners 2012 - 2013
The veterinarians and veterinary specialists that support DRBC are a special and select group. 

Veterinary Certification
So what did DRBC look for in certifying and endorsing these hospitals?  Here was our checklist:

  • Call-In/Phone Service: The best hospitals know that care begins with the phone call owners make to their hospital.  Polite, courteous and concerned staffers make all the difference for DRBC.
  • Front Desk Staff: Attentive and professional, the hospitals that made out grade had receptionists that smile, care and operate with a sense of urgency in having us seen, even for routine appointments.
  • Facility: Clean, bright and comforting are things we looked for in this category.  Equipment that is current and maintained is another factor here.
  • Pricing: OK pet owners, come on, veterinary medicine is not free.  Pricing is driven by skill, business costs and the supply-demand curve.  This was not really a factor for anyone.  We didn't want you to think we forgot it.
  • Hospital Management: Quality and professionalism stems from the top of any organization.  The leaders and managers in the hospitals that made our list all are good listeners, excellent problem solvers and are highly compassionate.

Knowledge & Professionalism

  • Technician Evaluation: All of us begin our visit with a veterinary technician or nurse.  The hospitals that made the grade with DRBC had technicians that were smiling, caring and knowledgeable.  They understand the concept of teamwork and include both you and your pet in their discussions.
  • Veterinary Evaluation:  The veterinarians that examine the dogs here at DRBC see it all, from the pup that needs a check-up to emergent situations and everything in between.  Through it all they have exhibited the highest levels of professionalism, have been excellent communicators, have sought to work with and educate us and above all, have shown a level of knowledge and compassion second to none.
  • Follow-Up: The hospitals that we endorse are all professional and follow up with us after visits with blood work or updates after surgeries.  Their professionalism lessens our stress.
  • Overall Experience: Many doxies hate seeing the veterinarian, but if you share that feeling when you leave one of our partner sites, we would be shocked.  We endorse and recommend these veterinary facilities with confidence.

Special Services

  • After Hours Care [If Applicable]: Not everyone operates after hours services such as ER care, but those that do recognize that customer service and compassion are important 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  • Breed Support: A few of the hospitals on our partner list have veterinarians that are dachshund lovers.  It doesn't hurt.  They possess a special knowledge of the breed.
  • Community Involvement:  Community involvement is so many things.  It could be a foundation that helps those in need or a great community education program or any program that has the hospital and its employees giving back.  All the hospitals on our list have been great advocates for the animals the treat and the communities the serve.

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