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Urinary Acidifiers

IVDD Medications
Your veterinary has many choices when treating IVDD.  Listed below by category are the drugs most commonly used to treat IVDD.



Urinary Acidifiers

Urinary acidifiers are often included in the treatment protocols for IVDD dachshunds.  The acidifier helps to reduce urinary tract infections.  Our acidifiers might surprise you:

250 mg Vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been known as a urinary acidifier in the veterinary world and is currently being studied for its anti-oxidants effects as well.

Additional Notes:
  • There are no 'over-the-counter' fixes for IVDD.  Please consult a qualified veterinarian before using any medications or OTC products with your dachshund.
  • The information offered herein is for informational and educational and purposes only.  Seek the timely care of a licensed veterinarian or veterinary surgeon if you believe your dog is exhibiting any of the signs or symptoms of IVDD.  This website does not seek to diagnose or treat IVDD.
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