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IVDD Medications
Your veterinary has many choices when treating IVDD.  Listed below by category are the drugs most commonly used to treat IVDD.



Steroids [Glucocorticoids]

Dexamethasone - Administered as an injectable, this drug is the DRBC 1st line of defense against IVDD which may become acute or surgical.  This is a quick and long acting steroid which has resulted in positive results for the group when combined with strict crate rest and appropriate veterinary monitoring.

Prednisolone - Administered orally this steroid has less long term impact on organs including liver and kidney. This medication is a steroid, and like all steroids, must be weaned from the dogs system.  Discuss your concerns about the use of steroids to treat your doxie and the importance of weaning them from any drug in the steroid category.

- This drug is widely used by many veterinarians; however, it is metabolized or broken down in the liver to form Prednisolone.  DRBC abandoned Prednisone several years ago due to the impact this medication has on the liver and kidneys.  Should your veterinarian prescribe this medication, please be sure to discuss the side effects and steps towards weaning them from the use of this, or any other steroid.

The use of steroids will cause an increase in thirst and need to urinate.  They will also create a false sense of wellness. Take the proper precautions and provide ample water for your dog and remember to restrict movement to no more than 6 steps when going outside to meet nature's call.  Always discuss the process by which your doxie will be weaned from a medication in this category with your veterinarian.

Additional Notes:
  • There are no 'over-the-counter' fixes for IVDD.  Please consult a qualified veterinarian before using any medications or OTC products with your dachshund.
  • The information offered herein is for informational and educational and purposes only.  Seek the timely care of a licensed veterinarian or veterinary surgeon if you believe your dog is exhibiting any of the signs or symptoms of IVDD.  This website does not seek to diagnose or treat IVDD.
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