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Shoe Drive Beneficiaries


 The DRBC Shoe Drive is Here !!

Proceeds benefit the surgical and on-going medical costs of DRBC Doxies

Hey Gang, once again, DRBC is conducting our annual shoe collection drive March 15th through December 30th, 2017 to raise funds for medically needy dachshunds. Our organization will earn funds based on the number of pairs collected as Funds2Orgs will purchase all of the donated goods!  We can't miss!!
All donated shoes will then be redistributed throughout the Funds2Orgs network of microenterprise partners in developing nations. Funds2Orgs helps impoverished people start, maintain and grow businesses in countries such as Haiti, Honduras and other nations in Central America and Africa. Proceeds from the shoe sales are used to feed, clothe and house their families. 

We are very excited about the shoe drive and knowing that Spring cleaning is right around the corner for everyone, we know this should be a win-win for doxies in need and people in impoverished nations.  We welcome you to pack up those old shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots and clogs and get them to a DRBC drop spot.

Thanks for helping!!
Who really benefits from my donation and how does that work?

Gently worn, used and new shoes collected through the DRBC shoe drive fundraiser will be used in developing nations for impoverished people to start, maintain and grow a micro-enterprise. The shoes collected by this fundraiser will help to create sustainable economic impact in countries that need it the most.

Shoes from the DRBC collection are consolidated and shipped to on-the-ground business operators in third world nations where they clean or make minor repairs. The shoes you collect will empower individuals to provide basic necessities for families, while helping DRBC help animals in need.

Your Impact

Your dollars are directly applied to the care and medical expenses DRBC incurs in the rescue and rehabilitation of the dogs we reach. Although there are many medical needs, the table below will give you an idea of how funds are applied.

Donation Amount  Impact 
$10.00 Feeds a dog for 1 week
$25.00 Provides heartworm and flea/tick treatment for one month
$75.00 Allows one dog a full vaccination series including rabies, distemper combo and canine influenza
$125.00 Allows one animal to be spayed or neutered
$500.00 Allows for the treatment of one heartworm positive animal
$1,500.00 The cost of one dental for a rescued a doxie
$6,500.00 The cost of IVDD surgery or an extended hospital stay for unstable diabetes
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