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Penelope's Fund

The DRBC Foundation Groups

The DRBC Foundation is proud to support the efforts made by on behalf of the Homer and Penelope Funds. This is truly a special arm of our rescue reaching out to help dachshunds in homes where a small form of assistance can make all the difference, where education about our breed and its sometimes unique needs is paramount and where the support of on-going research will help to improve the quality and quantity of years these beloved creatures spend with us.

Penelope's Fund

Penelope was very special. This fund has been dedicated to her memory with the knowledge that this special little girl will forever stay in our hearts. Penelope was 20.5 yrs old when she left us in November 2006. A certified therapy dog, Penel herself was a rescue. A gentle and kind doxie, she trained many a rescue for a new life with a loving family. It is with this sediment that Penelope’s Fund has been established.

Animals which are happy and healthy are less likely to require rehoming. Knowing this, the Penelope Fund seeks to support veterinary care where:
  • A spay/neuter will assist in controlling the pet population and keep a dog in its current home.
  • Proper vaccinations and parasitic plans contribute to the health and well-being of an animal and make the difference in responsible ownership or relinquishment to DRBC.
  • The addition of a cart or other support device maintains or improves the quality of the animals life.
  • The general welfare of an animal can be addressed including food, medications and veterinary care.
Penelope's funds address the needs of those in our region: Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This continues the DRBC goal of 'think global, act local' in helping to bring the best in veterinary care to those in need while expanding our knowledge of the dachshund dog from the four corners of the world.

Helping those most in need of the simplest forms of support is what this fund is all about. Here at the DRBC Foundation we hope Penel would be proud.

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