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In Need of Hope 

This is a tough one.  We can't link you anywhere for this: you can't buy it at the store and your veterinarian won't have it in their pharmacy, but it may be closer than you think.  This section was left for last for a good reason.  It is here to remind you that dachshunds, like children, never stop hoping, they just adapt and go on doing what they do best...loving you.

This is Calvin.  Take a good look into his eyes.  Do you think he has given up?  I doubt it.  The look of the hunt is there in his eyes and he is on the move...in his cart.  This picture comes to us from Calvin's Mom and although she didn't tell me if this cart was equipped with snow tires or all season treads, the one thing that is clear is that this little guy is having a great life.  Why?  His Mom didn't lose hope and they adapted!  IVDD ending in paralysis is not life ending.  Ask Calvin and his Mom.

This is Molly.  She is sunning in front of the garden bed where she often climbs with her brothers.  She came to DRBC inoperable and for a while was treated as though she was handicapped.  Her brothers knew she was handi-capable and now she walks and climbs with only a slight limp.  Molly didn't lose hope.  Don't you.

Believe.  Believe in yourself and your conviction for the best outcome for your pet.  A lot comes from the convictions of the heart.  Look in their eyes and then follow your instincts, not family or peer pressure.  Be at peace with your outcome; realize it may not always be what you might think. 

Hang in there, you can do it.
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