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GI Protectants

IVDD Medications
Your veterinary has many choices when treating IVDD.  Listed below by category are the drugs most commonly used to treat IVDD.



Gastrointestinal Protectant

Use of NSAID's or steroids can lead to the development of ulcers in your doxie.  Guarding against this additional complication is a step your veterinarian will most likely include in your treatment protocol.

Carafate® (Sucralfate)
Zantac® (Ranitidine)
Tagamet® (Cimetidine)

DRBC uses all three of the medications listed above to guard against the formation of ulcers while an NSAID or steroid is being dispensed.  Additional medications exist in the human market and are not included in this list.  Use of non-canine specific medications can lead to additional medical issues and complications.  Always discuss your choice of over the counter medications with your veterinarian to insure that the medications you provide your doxie will be safe and effective.

Additional Notes:
  • There are no 'over-the-counter' fixes for IVDD.  Please consult a qualified veterinarian before using any medications or OTC products with your dachshund.
  • The information offered herein is for informational and educational and purposes only.  Seek the timely care of a licensed veterinarian or veterinary surgeon if you believe your dog is exhibiting any of the signs or symptoms of IVDD.  This website does not seek to diagnose or treat IVDD.
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