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Donate A Vehicle

Vehicle Donation Program

We know you have it. It is that car or truck that sits in the driveway or out in the yard.  You long ago dropped the insurance and now you don't know what to do.  Well we can help and in turn, you will be helping doxie in need.  Take the step.   Get the tax deduction and make a difference to a doxie in need.

Each year at DRBC we rescue and treat hundreds of dachshunds.  Some have a broken heart, some have suffered abuse or neglect and some come to us with long term medical needs that may prevent their placement. 

The DRBC veterinary support hospitals are always there to help.  All are seen by the best that general care veterinary support can provide receiving exams, spays, neuters, dental surgeries, vaccinations, blood work and much, much more.  A percentage of the dogs we rescue will go on to see veterinary specialists.  Every option is examined and an individual recovery and rehabilitation plan is made.  That's a lot of medicine and a lot of love.

Please join our effort.  You can help make a difference to one of these special doxies. Their medical care is supported by donations like yours.  Won't you give so others can live?

We and they thank you for your generosity and support.

Your Impact

Your dollars are directly applied to the care and medical expenses DRBC incurs in the rescue and rehabilitation of the dogs we reach. Although there are many medical needs, the table below will give you an idea of how funds are applied.

Donation Amount  Impact 
$10.00 Feeds a dog for 1 week
$25.00 Provides heartworm and flea/tick treatment for one month
$75.00 Allows one dog a full vaccination series including rabies, distemper combo and canine influenza
$125.00 Allows one animal to be spayed or neutered
$500.00 Allows for the treatment of one heartworm positive animal
$1,500.00 The cost of one dental for a rescued a doxie
$6,500.00 The cost of IVDD surgery or an extended hospital stay for unstable diabetes
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