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Looking for the application, want to get involved with the GrandPaws Program, want to volunteer?  All this and more are located right here at the DRBC Download Center.

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Join Us!  We will both be glad you did!

Now Available OnLine

Volunteer Application
Relinquishment/Turn-In Sheet Let’s begin that conversation.  All we ask is your honesty.  Really.

Now Available OnLine

Relinquishment Form
Adult Diet Excited about cooking for your doxie but not sure how or how much.  This document can guide you.
Adult Diet Sheet
Financial Aid Guide Has a veterinary emergency left you wondering what to do about payment?  Do you need assistance.  Download this document; help is a click away.
Financial Aid Guide
Questions for the Neurosurgeon
You are the very best champion your doxie can have during this frightening time.  Having the right questions at your fingertips will help.
Questions for the Orthopedist or Neurosurgeon
IVDD Home Care
This guide list many of the issues the IVDD doxie owner will face during the recovery or long term care of their pet.

:  Do not any care unless advised by a qualified veterinarian or veterinary surgeon.

IVDD Home Care Guide
Make A Sling
Sling walking for the downed or recovering doxie utilizes simple materials and my be made at home.  Check these easy steps to get started.

Note:  Do not begin sling walking your IVDD doxie unless advised by a qualified veterinarian or veterinary surgeon.

Make A Sling

View the downloadable documents listed above requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You don't have it?  No problem, click on the link below to download the application.

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