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DRBC Philosophy

Our Philosophy
The statements shown below encompass the operating philosophy at DRBC.

Patient Centered Veterinary Medicine: The first priority is the compassionate care and welfare of each individual hound. Clinical and technological sophistication is employed toward the achievement of that goal.

Integrated Care: The DRBC program will integrate the skills and resources of our entire staff, our primary and specialty care veterinarians and our veterinary hospital partners to provide optimal care for our charges and education to the community.

A Culture of Learning – The Community Education Program is committed to a culture that promotes and inspires continual expansion of the veterinarian as a professional, long hound pet owners as individuals and DRBC as an organization. We benefit from our ties to one of the world’s leading academic institutions and seek to listen to both the veterinary community and the long hound owner.

Professional Partnership - This program will contribute to our local community, delivering value through continuing education, training programs for veterinary support staff, community members and other initiatives.

Respect – We respect our clients, colleagues and co-workers by seeking to understand their experience and expectations. We communicate professionally, authentically and proactively.

Personal Responsibility – We understand that each staff member is integral to our success. We expect each staff member to take the initiative in finding solutions and improving outcomes for our charges and clients.

Integrity – We act ethically in all of our dealings and deliver on our promises.
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