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Adoption Fees & Costs

DRBC Adoption Fees
 & Costs
DRBC lists potential dogs for placement on PetFinder. Look below to see some of our current residents. Please keep in mind that not all of our dogs are posted. Remember, this is a match of the heart based on both your personality and the doxies. Typically, we find that the doxie picks you at our meet-and-greet sessions and not the reverse. This is why we discourage applicants armed with a laundry list of features including sex, color, age, etc... This is a companion not a new car!

 In This Section:


Our Fees
     Adult Adoption: $275.00
     Puppy [< 18 mos]: $375.00
      Non-Optional Support Package: $405.00
          [Includes food, flea/tick, heartworm,
           vitamins, glycosamine and dental products]

Explaining DRBC Adoption Fees
We received an all-to-common inquiry the other day concerning a turn-in. Five doxies, none spayed or neutered, three newborn puppies with no prospective homes, one of the dogs was just getting over the effects of Parvo, no veterinary care.

Affording care was no longer an option for the owner who was unemployed. Yet, she hesitated. After all, DRBC stood to make a windfall of money from this turn-in. Yes, that's us, DRBC the profitable non-profit, the money machine.

The truth of the matter is that DRBC will not make a fortune, but lose one on this scenario and many others. Forget the puppies and the sick dog and use the Mom or Dad of the litter to illustrate our typical expenses in relation to our placement fee.

At the Vet
Physical Exam:                $45.00
Vaccination Series:          $120.00
Spay/Neuter [Averaged]: $195.00
Bloodwork [Averaged]:    $150.00
Medications:                    $ 45.00
Medical Boarding:            $ 60.00
Veterinary Sub-Total:      $615 .00
   - Rescue Discount        -$61.50

Vet Total: $ 553.50

At DRBC [per month]
Food for 15-30 days:        $30.00
Heartworm Preventative  $   5.00
In House Expenses:         $40.00

DRBC Total: $75.00

Final Rehab Cost: $628.50
Adoption Fee :     $275.00
-Rehab Costs:    -$628.50

Total: -$353.50

You don't have to be an accountant to see that DRBC loses on almost every dachshund we save. Animals which have major illnesses or injuries or suffer extreme neglect can cost 10-15 times the total listed.

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