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                                       Joy Needs your Love and Support!!
                                             Proceeds from this raffle benefit will be applied to Joy's medical needs.


Joy is in extreme pain. This poor little girl came to us when her family was ready to euthanize. They told us they were not sure how it happened, perhaps it was the abuse. We have been trying for weeks to treat her with medications and laser therapy, but believe we are moving to surgery on her neck injury. We know it will take a massive effort to get her there.

As many of you know, we do not do IVDD surgery here at DRBC…well, unless it is related to the neck. This is difficult are of the doxie body to treat and a tricky procedure for the surgeon requiring an incision into the neck and throat to gain access.

So, what all will happen. We are blessed to have the support of Dr Eric Glass at Red Bank Veterinary. He is one of the top veterinary neurosurgeons in the country and actually writes the textbooks veterinarians use as they study neurology. He will do blood-work, obtain radiographs and an MRI and do the surgery plus hospitalization. The grand total $8500-9500 and yes, that includes our discount.

The Raffle

We know you want to help joy and here is a chance to help your doxie as well!  Bid today and get in on your chance to win this hand made ramp valued at $120.  It is a one-of-a-kind and a must have for any doxie lover.

Raffle Item:  Hand Made Doxie Ramp


Entry Fees:

Donate $5 for One [1] Ticket
Donate $10 for Two [2] Tickets  
Donate $25 for Six [6] Tickets
Donate $50 for Thirteen [13] Tickets  
Donate $100 for Twenty-Seven [27] Tickets

Raffle Dates:
     Raffle Opens: Monday, July 31st, 2017 at 9AM     

     Raffle Closes: Friday, August 18th, 2017 at 9PM

Ticket Limits: None, the more tickets you buy the better your chances!

Raffle Rules:
1. Buy as many tickets as you like.

2. Payment options:
             a. PayPal: PayPal will forward your email and ticket quantity to DRBC.      
                             Click the PayPal Icon above to enter:        

           b. Mail a check or money order to DRBC at 181 Gilbert Drive, Morrisville, PA  19067. Include your email and address. 
                                                                           All mailed entries must be received no later than Monday,  August 14th, 2017

                                                                           at 5PM to be consid
ered valid.

3. An email will arrive with your ticket numbers within 24 hours of receipt regardless of registration type.

                              The winner will be drawn by random selection and posted shortly after the raffle closing.

                                                                                        Void where prohibited by law.

                                                   Good luck and may the doxies walk away the biggest winners here.

 Thank you for support! 

DRBC is a 501 [c][3] Organization that is proud to have been certified by the GuideStar Exchange. 
Donate with confidence!