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Daisy said:   August 1, 2013 6:44 pm PST
Hi DRBC - its me Daisy! Can you believe its been almost 3 years since you helped me with my back surgery and rehab? Things here are still going well, as you know Luna came to live with us a couple months after I got to my forever home and last year we added that little boy Leo (who turned out to be not so little!). Mom's nickname for him is CRAZY BOY and he certainly is! Luna is still working on her anxiety isssues but they have improved some. Dr Collins who does my accupucture says I'm doing great even though I've had a couple additional back issues. I better get going - Mom and Dad are coming home from dinner soon with our friends the Davis' ( I like to cuddle with them -they are dog people) and they don't like it when I'm on the computer without asking! By the way LOVE THE NEW WEBSITE!!!!! Love, Daisy Luna & Leo too!

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