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Cesar, Cesar, Cesar....yeah Deuce, what's up? It is our turn!! Really when did that happen? Just now! Oh wow, you mean this is it?! We can hope. I want a family that will love us Deuce. I want one that will play with us! That's a good idea too. Do you think the rescue will split us? Never my brother, never. How can we stand out so folks come to meet us Cesar? Here put on this goofy bow tie and smile. The peoples will know what a great addition to their family we could be! I hope they apply soon. Me too Cesar! Paws crossed!

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Winnie Needs an MRI
21 June 2016 at 9:52A �� �� ��

Winnie is a very special doxie. Many of you know her story, but for those of you that do not, let us share her background. Winnie came to DRBC about 3.5 years ago suffering from shaken puppy syndrome. Some idiot had shaken her so hard that she suffered brain damage. It left Winnie with a spastic walk, but none of us cared as this little cutie had stolen all of our hearts.  Now she has lost the use of all 4 limbs.  We need an MRI and we need it now!  Please click below and help her!

Special Bracelet for A Special Girl

20 June 2016 at 8:39P �� �� ��

We have a very special off for those of you that are supporting Winnie or want to help her. It is a brand new Bravelet bracelet designed just for Winnie, the shaken doxie. We will have an update on our main page and on her fundraiser shortly, but wanted to get this offer out to you right away!
Follow the link below and order yours today. Let's get her that MRI!!!

Shoe Drive Update

3 June 2016 at 9:47A �� �� ��

The totals are climbing!  We are almost there!! Have you gotten your shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals and other footwear collected.  Make a difference today.  Clean out that closet!  Click the thermometer to learn more.